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Our high quality 100% recyclable and reusable stainless steel water bottles are an ideal way to minimize the use of plastic bottles and reduce the amount of pollution that is dumped into our land fills each year.

Our BPA FREE bottles are made of 304 18/8 food grade recyclable, and reuseable, stainless steel. Which is one of the most hygienic materials available next to glass, and yet it is not as delicate. Each bottle comes with a PP (poly Propylene) #5 recyclable cap and our 2204 style has a stainless steel cap.

Because of its superb qualities stainless steel is used extensively in many industries where hygiene is a high consideration. Hospitals, hotel and restaurant kitchens, grocery stores, as well as for the processing storage, and transportation of food products. Also many kitchen tools such as stainless steel knives, mixing bowls, spatulas, and cutlery are used commonly on a daily basis.

Our minimum order for BLANK (NO custom design) stainless steel bottles is very low, "one" carton (which is 24 bottles).
Our minimums for printing custom designs is five cartons (120 bottles).
Our minimums for laser etching is 10 cartons. However, see laser notes further down this page.

image think green feathered 2 486X320


All our bottles are blank (no logo's). Our sample policy is you get your samples at wholesale cost plus the shipping. We will refund the same on your first order.

Our stainless steel bottles are made in China, and while we would prefer to purchase them either from a Canadian, or American manufacturer we have been unable to find one. If you know of a north American manufacturer we would be very interested in hearing from you.

Style #KD-44606

Image of SS water bottle 44606

We also have stock of this style with a laser engraved Maple leaf, and the words "British Columbia, Canada" a great tourist item for any BC business that is caters to the tourist industry. View

# KD-44606

We stock plain but for large orders 1008 plus we can supply most colours

A 750ml (25.36oz) Stainless steel water bottle. Made from 304 18/8 food grade stainless steel.

Comes with Carabineer clip


Jan 18 2010
 Parents of Bisphenol "A" (BPA)

Watch the CBC news video clip

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Losing a child in a crowd is very distressing.
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Style #KD-2204

Image transparent gif of Bottle 2204

# KD-2204

We stock plain but for large orders 1008 plus we can supply most colours

A 650 ml (21.98oz) Stainless steel water bottle. Made from 304 18/8 food grade stainless steel.

Has a stainless steel cap.

Thank you for your patience while our web sites are being renovated

Style #KD-2222

Image of purple Strainless Steel Water bottle

# KD-2222

Available in Plain, Purple, and Pink

A 650 ml (21.98oz) Stainless steel water bottle. Made from 304 18.8 food grade stainless steel.

With our new Flip-n-sip© cap simply press the button, pull the clear dust cover, and drink just as you would from a travel mug. Has wide mouth for easy cleaning and for accepting ice cubes..

Customized logo:

Pad Printing and Screen Printing

I like my customers to know up front that stainless Steel is not the best substrate to "Ink" print on, because it is not very porous this is one reason stainless steel is used for food preparation areas and hospitals etc. However, they can be pad printed and or silk screened although no guarantees are expressed or implied as to the durability of any imprinted logo. I will go as far to say that the logo will wear and or chip off.

If customers are insistent on having customized printed logos then on small orders (less than 2016) the cost for a "one colour" (more colours more cost) design no more than 2" X 2" in size is around $1.89 per imprint with a set up fee of $50.00 per colour. For orders of 2016 or more then the custom logo can be done for under $0.40 with the set up fee included. The turnaround time for that is around 46 days. This is an example of pad printing.

Laser Etching:
Is the best method of putting designs onto stainless steel bottles, since the design will never rub, or wear off. 


For quantities of 2016 bottles or more we can provide Laser etched/engraving for around $0.30 cents per bottle

With Laser etching/engraving you are limited to "one" colour which is black!

Here is an example of laser etching we did for Lethbridge police department.

For orders of 2016 or more then the Laser Etched custom logo can be done for under $0.50 with the set up fee included. The turnaround time for that is around 46 days. Laser etching cannot be applied to the curved bottles Style # 2222, and #2204 laser etching can only be done on a "flat" or should I say straight bottle, because the measurements used to set the distance of the laser beam is measured in microns.

Are another option and we have started to get more demand for the decals. The minimum order for decals is 300 (minimum order for our bottles is one carton 24 bottles) however, the decals can also be used on other products that you may sell. The decals cost on average $0.99 for a "one" colour design with an area of 2.5"X2.5" there is also a $50.00 one time set up fee.

The decals seem to be more hard wearing than the pad printing, although you should also take into consideration the fact that people can peel off the decal if they are so inclined. Here is an example of decals.

Image of bottle with decalImage SS Bottles with Decals

Our sample policy is that we will ship you samples at wholesale cost plus shipping and tax. We will then refund the entire amount upon your first order. We introduced this policy because of the amount of requests for samples, and because of the amount of labour involved to split cartons, repackage, and create shipping labels etc.

We currently have a SPECIAL on the following "Kiddie" Bottle ask for details!

Image Little Girl with Kiddie Bottle 446X422

Style #KD-44603Image of 25ml SS Bottle image size 245X240

# KD-44603

Available in Plain ONLY!

A 250 ml (8.45oz) Stainless steel water bottle. Made from 304 18.8 food grade stainless steel.



The Stainless bottles shown below are available in minimum quantities of 2016 bottles per order.

Click Image to enlargeImage Grouped KD-2285A

 Click image to enlarge
Image KD-2285C


We supplied customized stainless Steel water bottles to the 600 crew of the new movie "2012" that hit the theatres in November 2009 this is the largest budget movie ever to be made in Canada at an estimated 200 million dollars. Here is what they said:

"Feel free to go ahead and list us on the website. We were all very happy with the water bottles and I would definitely recommend you in future, so we are happy to be mentioned"). Candace

Watch the 2012 movie Trailer Now!


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